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ITC art of Coffee delight

Bangalore, on December 3rd 2016, witnessed the product launch of 2 new types of ITC Fine blended coffee from the southern regions of America and a pure mix from India. They call it ITC Panagiri and ITC Nicamalai.

The event began with the address of the Chief Marketing Officer who spoke about the origin, fusion and blending of some of the finest blends of coffee in the current market.  He also went on to explain the procedure of preparation, starting from how it is selected and plucked, roasting, burning, tilting, until how it is dried and packed.  All in all it was an enriching and fun experience.




The event was divided into 2 sessions , the first was to art and second was coffee tasting and blending.

In the first one we were giving canvas board , oil  paint brush, pencil and eraser to draw a portrait  and paint it with coffee powder …. few mins just thought how was that even possible ??

Things started to fall in place as the instructor helped us how to make a monochrome master piece out of just coffee. The aroma was mesmerizing as we were painting it.


The second half of the event was the best and my favourite , as i learnt the making the art of coffee with detailed specification of every product .

First if you are a hard core coffee drinker you will like the expresso Shot like you see here , the topmost froth called the cremer  contains the aroma , strength of the entire shot . It is made with a water pressure of 8-9 bars and a temperature of 210 Deg Celsius



Second if you love coffee and just cannot have a shot of expresso you can have the black coffee with cinnamon , honey and hot water , to top up the taste add whipped creme either to the side or on top of the coffee


Third even if both the above option dont work for you the best is to have coffee with steamed milk making a lovely shape to the latte , stirred with sugar to taste .The Nicamalia taste bitter and leaves no after taste while the panagiri taste mild and leaves a strong after taste on your taste buds.





Forth but not the last the best that anyone loves to pair coffee do its best partner in crime chocolate , Any thing and everything blends well with coffee . Would recommend you to try coffee plus hot milk  top it with Hersheys Chocolate sause  and coco powder swirl it and take a deep sip .




Here is a video of me making a cup of coffee. A barista helps me out to make one .

Let me tell you something , it was a world best experience to blend , taste and make your own coffee


Painting Made out of coffee










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