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Palm Oil a Forgotten Essential of food

19th November witnessed an eye opening session organised by Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) at Vivanta By Taj , Mg Road Bengaluru briefing the current status on use of palm oil  for various aspect which would include cooking as well lets look at every aspect one by one


The event was started by the  head for MPOC  Ms Bhavna Shah and leading nutritionist Ms. Meena Mehta talking about various aspects of palm Oil in cooking , frying and adding health benefits that if taken in the said proportion would never cause cancer in human



1.Palm Oil is the world’s first certified sustainable vegetable oil.

2.Approx 35 % of the world palm oil is produced in Malaysia

3.Choosing the correct dietary fat to replace carbs could help you lose weight

4.Eating healthful oils can have numerous healthy benefits

5.Palm Oil is great for frying

6.its non GMO

7.Red Palm Oil colour is due to its abundance of carotenoids

8.Palm Oil is a best Anti Carcinogen to fight against cancer causing agents

9.Palm Oil contains low fat high carb content which helps in losing weight



Some of the main reasons that causes heart dieseases are

1.inflammation of the vein or artery

2.oxidative damage


4.High Bloody sugar

5.Trans Fat

6.High content of Carbohydrates

Palm Oil Helps in reducing all the above with regular consumption of it




Uses Of Palm Oil

1.Frying And Cooking Oil

2. Margarine And Mayonnaise

3. Chocolates and Confectionaries

4.Creams and Candies

5.Toilet soaps


7.Rolling oil




In the words of Derek O Brien it is rightly said “its not that good journalism is dying..its just that bad journalism is making a lot of noise.”Palm oil has its own pro and cons for a market like India the other players Vegetable oil (ground Nut , Mustard and coconut ) play a bigger  role from the time they have been inherited into us. Palm Oil has multiple benefits not only with cooking or frying but with the nutrition aspect is considered .

Its Main Occurrence has been in Malaysia and lots of NOGs CSO’s and government officials are playing a blind game to oppose its import to India.

It would take time for a country like India to get use to Palm oil but its surely a success.



For further information about MPOC and Palm Oil you can refer to the below links,

Website :

Twitter: @thinkpalmoil

Facebook: http ://



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