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Christmas At Flechazo

  • This place just turned my head upside down with the ambience they have the food they serve , hospitality of the staff and most important they variety of items they have
  • It Has a very good decor made of wood , with the place being quite joyful and well lite during the evening.
  • The names given to the station there are quite funny , THE BIG O (the Oven to bake pizza ) , The hot station , the cool station
  • Loacted at Marathalli Outer ring road each visible as the place is on the second floor .
  • This place allows one to bake their own pizza
  • Their Pan Ice Creme is the best freshly made out of milk and flavour
  • It has a conveyer belt system to transfer food from one place to another
  • Ideal for office / Corporate events
  • This place has nitrogen Liquid Desserts which makes me go even more crazy
  • Staff are very friendly with ppl
  • Rice with Masur dal a must try there





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Palm Oil a Forgotten Essential of food

19th November witnessed an eye opening session organised by Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) at Vivanta By Taj , Mg Road Bengaluru briefing the current status on use of palm oil  for various aspect which would include cooking as well lets look at every aspect one by one


The event was started by the  head for MPOC  Ms Bhavna Shah and leading nutritionist Ms. Meena Mehta talking about various aspects of palm Oil in cooking , frying and adding health benefits that if taken in the said proportion would never cause cancer in human



1.Palm Oil is the world’s first certified sustainable vegetable oil.

2.Approx 35 % of the world palm oil is produced in Malaysia

3.Choosing the correct dietary fat to replace carbs could help you lose weight

4.Eating healthful oils can have numerous healthy benefits

5.Palm Oil is great for frying

6.its non GMO

7.Red Palm Oil colour is due to its abundance of carotenoids

8.Palm Oil is a best Anti Carcinogen to fight against cancer causing agents

9.Palm Oil contains low fat high carb content which helps in losing weight



Some of the main reasons that causes heart dieseases are

1.inflammation of the vein or artery

2.oxidative damage


4.High Bloody sugar

5.Trans Fat

6.High content of Carbohydrates

Palm Oil Helps in reducing all the above with regular consumption of it




Uses Of Palm Oil

1.Frying And Cooking Oil

2. Margarine And Mayonnaise

3. Chocolates and Confectionaries

4.Creams and Candies

5.Toilet soaps


7.Rolling oil




In the words of Derek O Brien it is rightly said “its not that good journalism is dying..its just that bad journalism is making a lot of noise.”Palm oil has its own pro and cons for a market like India the other players Vegetable oil (ground Nut , Mustard and coconut ) play a bigger  role from the time they have been inherited into us. Palm Oil has multiple benefits not only with cooking or frying but with the nutrition aspect is considered .

Its Main Occurrence has been in Malaysia and lots of NOGs CSO’s and government officials are playing a blind game to oppose its import to India.

It would take time for a country like India to get use to Palm oil but its surely a success.



For further information about MPOC and Palm Oil you can refer to the below links,

Website :

Twitter: @thinkpalmoil

Facebook: http ://



A fuse Ball session at the bloggers meet



Bloggers Selfie time




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Chilling @ Food E

Located in kormangala beside sony world junction . Initially the place looked a little small in the entrance but it opens up inside as there is a comfortable sitting arrangment inside .

The place is well lit has wooden furniture and all the walls covered with doodles as the welcome good graphic such as chocolate and milk showing choco milkshake .

Food E has a open kitchen where spectators can see the preparation area  of each and every dish

They have limited option of Veg as we suggested them they are planning to come up with more veg Option as every month their menu keeps changing







We started our food with
Corn Bhel Nachos:
Infusion of crunchy nachos with fresh corn , roasted peanuts, chopped veggies and drizzled with in-house tamarind chutney. A very refreshing quick bite

Paneer Pakodas:
A twisy to the traditional Paneer pakodas – chef’s special spicy sauce sandwiched between paneer slices and fried to crispy perfection


Main Course:
Palak Paneer rice bowl:
Our rice bowls have a bed of rice sautéed with onions, grated carrots and cashews . Chunks of fresh paneer in slow cooked spinach with methi and spices make for a sumptuous meal

Kadai pasta:
Indian take on pastas with our chef’s special Kadai masala and spicy sauce. The pasta is sautéed with a generous amount of onions and garlic .

Hariyali Pasta:
Indian take on pastas with Pahadi spices with coriander and mint.

Shrimp Masala noodle bowl:
Our noodle bowls have a bed of flavoured noodles sauteed with mixed vegetables. Baby shrimps simmered with hot garlic sauce in an oriental style All our wraps can be served in a dosa, paratha or sub roll

Litchi Splash:
Litchi blended with crushed ice and topped with cranberry juice for that refreshing taste which was a little tangy to taste


Paan Shot Milkshake:
A perfect blend of vanilla ice cream and meetha paan. Fresh betel leaves , gulkand and kesar supari add to the magic. This was the best milkshake i ever had in town .

Perfectly blended with no extra sugar added to the milk as ice creme was added to taste

Brownie Cinnamon Twist:
Chocolate icecream blended with chocolate sauce and brownie chunks. A dash of cinnamon adds the special twist which gave us the final kick before we went back



This was our team of bloggers invited for the review meet at Food E headed by Sid




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Fresh and pure at Vaho Cafe


Located right in front of IIM Bangalore, this place is a little difficult to find and the first time as I was almost lost and had to call the no provided on zomato.

Its on the second floor of the building above Big Bazar, one has to place their order at the counter and food will be served at the table.

I tried the meals which consisted Basil pasta topped with sun dried tomatoes and carrot, garlic rice, thai curry (which was not thai at all ), carrot halwa and the meditaterain salad, which was my favourite, topped with capsicum, tomatoes, olives, onions, oregano, fresh pepper and some lime juice.

Tried the Watermelon, Muskmelon and pineapple juice which was fresh, without adding water and sugar which really got my attention and gave them a thumbs up for the purity .

Ended the session of eating Lunch with a cup of fresh pudding made from millet, apple, dry fruits, slightly warm to give the feeling of the south indian Paysum

A must go for college students, low budget, right opposite to HSBC tech park and schools around.


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ITC art of Coffee delight

Bangalore, on December 3rd 2016, witnessed the product launch of 2 new types of ITC Fine blended coffee from the southern regions of America and a pure mix from India. They call it ITC Panagiri and ITC Nicamalai.

The event began with the address of the Chief Marketing Officer who spoke about the origin, fusion and blending of some of the finest blends of coffee in the current market.  He also went on to explain the procedure of preparation, starting from how it is selected and plucked, roasting, burning, tilting, until how it is dried and packed.  All in all it was an enriching and fun experience.




The event was divided into 2 sessions , the first was to art and second was coffee tasting and blending.

In the first one we were giving canvas board , oil  paint brush, pencil and eraser to draw a portrait  and paint it with coffee powder …. few mins just thought how was that even possible ??

Things started to fall in place as the instructor helped us how to make a monochrome master piece out of just coffee. The aroma was mesmerizing as we were painting it.


The second half of the event was the best and my favourite , as i learnt the making the art of coffee with detailed specification of every product .

First if you are a hard core coffee drinker you will like the expresso Shot like you see here , the topmost froth called the cremer  contains the aroma , strength of the entire shot . It is made with a water pressure of 8-9 bars and a temperature of 210 Deg Celsius



Second if you love coffee and just cannot have a shot of expresso you can have the black coffee with cinnamon , honey and hot water , to top up the taste add whipped creme either to the side or on top of the coffee


Third even if both the above option dont work for you the best is to have coffee with steamed milk making a lovely shape to the latte , stirred with sugar to taste .The Nicamalia taste bitter and leaves no after taste while the panagiri taste mild and leaves a strong after taste on your taste buds.





Forth but not the last the best that anyone loves to pair coffee do its best partner in crime chocolate , Any thing and everything blends well with coffee . Would recommend you to try coffee plus hot milk  top it with Hersheys Chocolate sause  and coco powder swirl it and take a deep sip .




Here is a video of me making a cup of coffee. A barista helps me out to make one .

Let me tell you something , it was a world best experience to blend , taste and make your own coffee


Painting Made out of coffee









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Dr Sheesha aka DSJ

This is not just another review about a restaurant or sheesha;

Its a writing about my second home!

From the initial brain storming sessions to set up a sheesha lounge to the pre-launch party of Dr. Sheesha I have seen the partners working their asses off to get things done right.

Located on JP nagar main road, right above liberty showroom, walking up two floors as the owners believe that to achieve something you have to put your foot down and walk it up! (there is no lift in the building.)

Sheesha suggested : Brain Freeze + Mint , Pan Rasna With grape , Double Apple + Mint


Food : Mumbai Masala Nachos, topped with cheese and ketchup with a ting of chat masala on top.

Paneer chilly : Soft and crisp panner topped with deep fried vegetables.

Wontons :I have to tell you that it was the best I have had in town, deep fried golden colour garnished with soya sauce.

When is comes to ambience, this place gives you the feeling of being on top of the world, celebrating success with a festive feeling on the roof top where wind blows you cool .

Seen lots of cricket, football, and hockey matches live screened to get the feeling of sitting inside the stadium and watching it live.

A must go and a must visit for students as there are plenty of offers running for them.

Don’t forget your ID card :p

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Delhi Highway

Centrally located at the 12th main road on indranagar bangalore , a majestic entrance welcome you with complete beige shade showing the royalness of the ambience.Floored with Italian marble and wooden decor around the walls makes the ambience a must visit place

Started with the Hara Bhara kabab and Naram dil Kabab added with papad churi ,the starters were perfect for the beginning of a well spent evening.

For the main course Shahi Panner with stuff kulcha and tandoor crisp roti with a tang of Delhi dal makhani . We end our awesome food with a sweet tooth craving by hot gulab jamun

The staff were very polite and welcoming

A must visit place for north Indians and Delhi food cravers










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RRoyal Rajasthan Sarjapur

This place is an absolute bliss when it come to food and specifically Rajasthani cuisine .

Located on Sarjapur Main Road, right above Bata showroom,it is slightly difficult to locate if you’re coming on your own without navigation.  The ambience is a pure, like it walked out of Amber Fort, with themes and colours straight from the western most state.

Seating is very comfortable, easy, and compact.
Coming to food, the full thali consists of 28 varieties of food, starting from dahi Vada to end your sweet craving with carrot halwa, from missi roti to bajra ki roti from dal batti churma to gatta ki subzi, it was a truly mesmerising experience .

The best thing is the price you pay, just Rs.362 with tax for the full meal and Rs.250 for the limited meal.

Loads of walk-in crowd on weekends and moderate on the weekdays right after a hectic morning session.


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Social’s Kormangala Bangalore


what do i tell about the place ??
it took me 15 mins to find this place on kormangala as i was told by my friend that it was ahead of StarBucks and finally i found it on top of a building above shree mithai .
While entering the place there were good vibes as music was playing on top.
Ordered the LIT as socials is very well known for their LIT , to my surprise it was horrible as it is suppose to be strong. Had complaint about it and immediately they changed it. This time it was fantabulous along with this we ordered the  poutine ie french fries with fresh mayo and jalapeno
The place had a great ambience and a positive atmosphere as there were young , mid and old aged ppl enjoying .
A must visit on the rooftop in the evening

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Matteo Coffee



I have had a vivid experience here when it came to have coffee here .

Loved the location , the feel of an english Cafe on a busy fashion Street where ppl have a mixed feeling of coming on a date , some here are just to bunk a college and enjoy an evening coffee , some here are new to make a business presentation here and take a million dollar deal home .
Ambience is light lit with a combination of lamp shades and high sofa down the lane . Protecting them during mild rains and making it more good and romantic during monsoons .
A Must visit place for youngsters , young business starters and offcourse ppl on a date.

Must TRY , Trust me plz dont miss this out


1.Hot Cocoa

2.Mocha Shekerato

3.Hot Grilled Sandwiches

4.Paneer Tikka Wrap

5.Penne Pasta Nepolitana

6. Blue Berry Cheese Cake


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